#oggstreamer – New Streaming Server sighttpd

I was trying really hard to get the IceCast-Server working under the XportPro-uclinux buildsystem but after more than a week of work I ended up in desperation. And I dropped the Idea of running an instance of IceCast-Server on the Device itselfs. – Of course support for upstreaming to an IceCast-Server still remains. That’s the bad news. But the good one is that I found a sleek little Streaming-Server, that just does the job as it should. It only took a few hours and the sighttpd – Server by Conrad Parker was up and running. First tests show that this Server should be able to serve around 20 Listeners directly (for really high bandwith vorbis; tested with 350kbps).

Building sighttpd is a great choice for embedded systems, as it only depends on LibOgg and LibOggz, whereas IceCast (at least) needs LibOgg, LibVorbis, LibShout, LibXML2, LibXSLT. May be it was the number of dependencies that complicated my  attempts to get IceCast running. In fact it compiled just fine – but for some reason in this configuration pthread_create just didn’t work as it should… sighttpd also uses pthreads – but no problem with this configuration.

So let’s stick with sighttpd 🙂



2 responses to “#oggstreamer – New Streaming Server sighttpd

  1. Nice job, sounds like a hard job to fit a streaming server that is not meant to run into embeded systems.The sighttpd configuration file seems to be pretty simple 🙂

    One question, as it won´t use icecast anymore, would it possible to send the signal to other icecast relay servers?

    By the way, make the change also at the “About” section.


    • Trying to get IceCast-Server running was really pulling my nerves …
      Upstreaming to an IceCast-Server was working from the first Prototype on – compiling and running libshout is not a big deal.
      gonna change the about section right know.

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