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#oggstreamer – OggStreamer on Android

An idea that is quite a time in may head is the development of an OggStreamer Application on Android. As I am not familiar with Android Development I always found this a big obstacle – (considering time constraints)

But now it seems there could be a way to do this the easy way. What I am talking about is puredata together with the oggcast~ object. I latley learned about the two projects pd-on-android and PdDroidParty. If it would be possible to integrate the oggcast~ external on android aswell. It would be just a couple of hours till we would have an OggStreamer on Android running.

There would be some limitations – like Mono-Input for most of the Smartphone – but nevertheless this would be a great tool for doing Live-Interviews on the Road.

What about an OggStick?

The OggStreamer-Project is intended to be a quality product, but sometimes and for some applications the costs of a device should be really low. So I want to write down my Ideas how an OggStick could look like.

The OggStick could be a USB-Stick device, which is capturing analog audio and compresses it into digital ogg/vorbis. It is plugged into a cheap USB-enabled WLAN-Router, which is running OpenWRT (or a similar Linux) together with an IceCast2-Server. This Device would also have the advantage, that it could use WLAN for streaming …

The Hardware consists of three Parts:

  1. A FTDI232 USBtoSeriall Converter
  2. A STM8S uC
  3. A VS1053 AudioDSP

And it would be connected as follow:

(USB) <=> FTDI232 <=> STM8 <=> VS1053 <= Microphone/LineIn

Such a device would just transmit the plain ogg-file on the usb serial-port (like /dev/ttyUSB0). The Software for such an device is almost identical with the already published STM8 Firmware on Sourceforge. So the Software-Part would take maybe a day of work.

BUT: This task is not for me. I got already enough work to do. So if somebody is interested in developing this small PCB, you can “copy&paste” a lot from the OggStreamer-Schematics and Firmware and I can offer you to assist you with such a project.