Monthly Archives: June 2012

#oggstreamer – OggStreamer on Android

An idea that is quite a time in may head is the development of an OggStreamer Application on Android. As I am not familiar with Android Development I always found this a big obstacle – (considering time constraints)

But now it seems there could be a way to do this the easy way. What I am talking about is puredata together with the oggcast~ object. I latley learned about the two projects pd-on-android and PdDroidParty. If it would be possible to integrate the oggcast~ external on android aswell. It would be just a couple of hours till we would have an OggStreamer on Android running.

There would be some limitations – like Mono-Input for most of the Smartphone – but nevertheless this would be a great tool for doing Live-Interviews on the Road.

#oggstreamer – uC STM8 flasher, sighttpd MaxListeners

Lately there was not very much progress going on at this project. A couple of OggStreamers are out in the wild and doing their job.

On the Software-Side: I adjusted sighttpd – to add a MaxListeners-Feature. This allows to limit the number of clients – so that the Server rejects Clients instead of going into Denial of Service. You can find the patch in the repository. I hope that this patch once tested could find its way back into the sighttpd mainline.

Further I came across the great stm32flash application. This is a flasher application for the internal Bootloader for the STM32 series. I would need exactly that for the STM8 series. Fortunately those two series have a very similar bootloader protocol. I forked the stm32flash to work on a stm8flash application – but it is currently not working. It would be great for the future if the stm32flash and stm8flash application could merge together.

#oggstreamer – first batch completed

Now the first batch of OggStreamers is completed and some of them are already deployed and tested by free radiostations like and

Presenting the device at the LiWoLi was interesting – I got 20 minutes talking time. But beeing involved very deeply into a project over a longer period of time, it was somehow challenging to me – what to present – which aspects are interesting for people who never got in touch with the Project till that very moment?

Apart from that I am very happy that all the devices from the first batch are now completed and working 🙂

Next steps are EMC Compliance testing and evaluating how this project should proceed.