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#oggstreamer – STM8 Firmware compiles with SDCC

Yesterday sdcc (version #8699) produced a first useable Firmware for the STM8 uC used in the OggStreamer – it still needs some testing but it is feaseable that we can use sdcc as OpenSource compiler for the stm8.

#oggstreamer – OpenSource Compiler for STM8 called SDCC

I happily follow the progress of SDCC starting to support the STM8 Family of microcontrollers. SDCC is a compiler targeting smaller uCs like 8051, Z80, HC08, PIC and recently there was progress porting the compiler to STM8. It is currently only available in the snapshots. I tried compiling the OggStreamer’s STM8-Firmware with SDCC and after some fiddling around the code it compiled – but it doesn’t work at the moment. So I decided to do something less complex and I took portions of the original sources and modified them to run a simple LED Test, which nevertheless already uses a Timer Interrupt and does some lowlevel initialization.

As we now have an OpenSource alternative for the STM8-Compiler I will be able to create one complete OggStreamer SDK.

The impressive result are some blinking LEDs: (SDCC Version #8680)

#oggstreamer – pay-as-you-wish OpenHardware

If you want to obtain an OggStreamer – we can now provide 5 pcs. to interessted institutions or developers. Just write a small email to georg <at> and explain what you want to do with the OggStreamer. All you have to pay for is shipping and make a donation of your choice for the “Open Technology Labratory Vöcklabruck” – If there is more demand than 5 pcs. we will choose from all applicants. Entries  are welcome till 15th of June. But later in Autumn we plan to provide more devices ….


UPDATE: 4 people showed interest in obtaining an OggStreamer till 21th June – In Autumn there will be another possibility for obtaining OggStreamers. Of course it will be announced on this blog.

#oggstreamer – EMC compliance Report

With the help of EMV Consulting – we managed to test the OggStreamer for EMC compliance. We tested against EN61000-6-1:2007 and EN61000-6-3:2007 – the report of this measurement can be downloaded here.
Here a picture from the “secrete chamber” of EMC compliance 🙂


And another one from the ESD testing: