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“Defining goals” or “When is a Project finished?”

Today I had a very nice talk with a friend of mine. He asked me whether I have defined my goals for this project and when it is finished? I am very thankful for this question because sometimes I only sum up all the tasks that still need to be done and it looks endlessly.

The project started as a hobby in Feb 2010 – I was impressed by the capabilities of the VS1053 chip – an Audio DSP from VLSI Solutions, which is capable to encode ogg/vorbis with just about 32kB of RAM – pure admiration. Then i heard about the Lantronix XportPro designcontest and ambition set in. (It scored 2nd 😉 ) And as i am working with free radiostations – i saw that there is a need for such a device. So it started and the project evolved and i set the bar higher, i wanted it to become a full OpenHardware/OpenSource production-ready Device – like a professional product. Do you see the dilemma arising? I just continued one step after the other and there probably wont ever be an end.

So now I try to define when the project is finished in my eyes:

  • Finishing the Hardware – 10 pcs. of OggStreamer manufactured and in use by various Radiostations
  • Working Firmware (including builtin icecast2-Server), configurable over ssh – but no WebGUI
  • Availability of PCBs to the OpenHardware-Community (maybe with all the smd components presoildered)
  • Documentation of this Project, so that other developers can adjust the OggStreamer to their needs.

The just defined goals should be achieved by April 2012. The Timeline below shows details: