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#oggstreamer – Lasermarkings Designfiles

The Design of the Laser-Markings was done using Inkscape and GIMP – Many thanks to my sister this way, who made the OggStreamer look proper. The font used in all of the Files is called Xolonium which is licensed under GPL special thanks go to Severin Meyer who designed this great font.

You will notice that only FRONT,BACK and TOP are drawn in Inkscape – thats because of the great number of Logos it was easier to draw the BOTTOM directly with GIMP – and we already new at this moment, that the CorelDraw wouldn’t open our SVGs.

here are the PNG

DPI600_PIXELREWORK  - OggStreamer Graphik-Design BACK DPI600_PIXELREWORK - OggStreamer Graphik-Design FRONT
DPI600_PIXELREWORK - OggStreamer Graphik-Design TOP DPI600_PIXELREWORK - OggStreamer Graphik-Design BOTTOM

The whole process of Laser Marking was not really easy. One main reason for this was that Inkscape always exports Fonts Anti-Aliased … And opening the SVGs in CorelDraw directly didn’t work either. with Fonts Anti-Aliased exported we produced strange effects on the Laser, which apparently only uses Black and White as information … There was some trickery needed in order to get the Design done proper. We also tweaked the Bitmaps on Pixel-by-Pixel to get good results … So your millage may very if you want to use the PNGs from above.

Because the case was already anodized aluminum – and engraving already bright anodized aluminum results in poor contrasted, we needed to use special Transfer-Tape (CerMark LM6018) and Marking Paste (markSolid 904). The Transfer-Tape was used for the non-dense Designs (FRONT,BACK,TOP) – the Marking Paste was applied with an Airbrush for the denser populated BOTTOM.

the SVGs for FRONT, BACK, TOP can downloaded from the mcad-repository

#oggstreamer – EMC compliance test passed

yes – after a 13+ hours day of work – we passed EMC compliance testing :=) Actually it was not peace of cake – but with two minor adjustment we could meet the required performance criteria. Details and the associated report will follow in a few days.

Meanwhile some photographs of the finished Hardware:


I will try to finish a couple of devices during the next two weeks and start shipping 🙂

#oggstreamer – PCB oddities

continuing the Murphey’s Law topic … I want to present to you an oddity i discovered one single LED PCB (I checked 20 boards and only found 1 with this error).

Here you have a working and a non working version of this PCB – can you figure out the 2 mistakes?


Rather interesting what had happened here. Isn’t it? My guess is that the photo paint in the PCB production progress had some adhesion-problem . It slipped away and was “caught” by a nearby pad …

#oggstreamer – Murphy’s Law

Sometimes things go wrong – nothing unusual about this – especially when it comes to electronics design …

Due to an old erroneous file that was stored on the CNC-Punching machine this project delayed slightly. In detail we have two holes not punched into the right place. You can see on the picture below. The right part is punched correctly.


Unfortunately the mechanic guy punched all of the 60 pcs. this way – so we produced a whole lot of scrap aluminum. Meanwhile we ordered replacement parts from Hammond – the Hammond people were really helpful and we could order exactly the part that was punched the wrong way, instead of ordering 60 complete (4pcs.) cases. But it delayed our project for about 8 weeks (5 weeks shipping replacement parts – and some time to produce the correct panels). I also screwed up in the past – so i was not really pissed on the mechanics guy. He was also very eager to correct this mistake so i am personally quite happy that we now produced all the needed parts 🙂 – Nevertheless I want to express myself and do at least something with the screwed up parts so I composed the following picture: