Monthly Archives: June 2013

#oggstreamer – BETA 1 Released

Hi out there here is the Release of BETA 1 Software:

BETA 1 Introduces the following enhancements:

  • WebGUI for Configuration
  • autoreconnect for IceCast2
  • Integration in the OggStreamer SDK
  • Title, Description and Genre Options for IceCast2
  • stm8flash (update the STM8 Firmware directly)
  • In Setup-Mode Password is now defaulted to “PASS”
  • optional Two Stage Mode (STOP/STREAM) instead of (STOP/MONITOR/STREAM)

The Java-Player is not installed anymore.

I put update instructions on the wiki if you want to update your OggStreamer to BETA 1. I only recommend this for persons with solid linux skills.

#oggstreamer – Linux SDK

I just finished the Integration of the OggStremear specific libaries and applications to the Lantronix XPortPro Linux SDK. Follow the instruction on the wiki if you want to install the SDK yourself.

Note that future updates of the SDK will most likely happen directly in the coresponding git repositories. The wiki also describes how to integrate the oggstreamer git repos to the build process.

#oggstreamer – WebGUIs first steps

A friend of mine together with is brother coded the WebGUI. It is a C-Programm running as a CGI on top of a webbrowser. It works with boa but this server lacks Authentification and SSL in its unpatched version – although there are patches for auth, SSL would require a sperate programm to tunnel the HTTPS requests. So I searched for alternative Webbrowsers – mongoose and hiawatha  seemed to be the most promising alternatives – unfortunately integrating this servers into the Lantronix XportPRO SDK is a bit of work. Then I found out that the axhttpd from the axTSL package ships already in the SDK. I tried this but i had to notice that the version shipped with the SDK has broken .htpasswd support. So this issue is not resolved yet but I think I will update the SDK to a newer axTSL Version …. tomorrow – This work of choosing and getting a Webserver running on this Platform is quite a pain –  ¡qué rollo! – I wish Lantronix had integrated a working solution for this kind of problem in their SDK …

So for now lets stick with a screen shot how the WebGUI looks like: