XPortPro – Software Prototyping Board

It will still take a few weeks till the OggStreamer PCBs are ready. Therefore i decided to build a small Prototyping Board for the XPortPro. The Board consists of the XportPro, a LDO, a Pushbutton, a USB-Connector (only for the +5V) and a connector suited for an FTDI Basic Breakout-Board from Sparkfun. This board is single sided and i used pcb milling to manifacture it. BTW: If you are in Europe and looking for a cheap source of milling bits i can recommend 24cut.de to you.

On this Board i want to develope a basic software skeleton of the OggStreamer-UI (debouncing the button and maybe a multithreaded-structure) and i also want to test the ucLinux Port of the IceCast2-Server.

Eagle files can be found here (rename the file to be recognized as ZIP again)


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