#oggstreamer – OggStreamer Distribution


We produced a limited number of devices and are now able to distribute those devices. If you are a developer working on related projects or want one device for your Medialab, Hackerspace, School, University or Radiostation.

Don’t hesitate to contact us:


3 responses to “#oggstreamer – OggStreamer Distribution

  1. I have seen the device in Madrid. I am interested in working with. I give support to local radio amateur cultural

    • Hi Javier – sure I only have some devices with minor scratches (cosmetic) left, but I am happy to send you one – please give me contact details on: georg (at) otelo.or.at

  2. Wow, you were not kidding when you said you were interested in audiostreaming hardware. I got here from another website, a streaming article. Good luck with your device! It really looks good.

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