#oggstreamer – WebGUIs first steps

A friend of mine together with is brother coded the WebGUI. It is a C-Programm running as a CGI on top of a webbrowser. It works with boa but this server lacks Authentification and SSL in its unpatched version – although there are patches for auth, SSL would require a sperate programm to tunnel the HTTPS requests. So I searched for alternative Webbrowsers – mongoose and hiawatha  seemed to be the most promising alternatives – unfortunately integrating this servers into the Lantronix XportPRO SDK is a bit of work. Then I found out that the axhttpd from the axTSL package ships already in the SDK. I tried this but i had to notice that the version shipped with the SDK has broken .htpasswd support. So this issue is not resolved yet but I think I will update the SDK to a newer axTSL Version …. tomorrow – This work of choosing and getting a Webserver running on this Platform is quite a pain –  ¡qué rollo! – I wish Lantronix had integrated a working solution for this kind of problem in their SDK …

So for now lets stick with a screen shot how the WebGUI looks like:


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