#oggstreamer – STM8 Firmware compiles with SDCC

Yesterday sdcc (version #8699) produced a first useable Firmware for the STM8 uC used in the OggStreamer – it still needs some testing but it is feaseable that we can use sdcc as OpenSource compiler for the stm8.

One response to “#oggstreamer – STM8 Firmware compiles with SDCC

  1. Hello,

    I am using SDCC for STM8S-Discovery board and using code blocks editor
    The compiler worked fine until i decided to try out interrupts
    Now i see a file stm8_interrupt_vector.c in the examples but INTERRUPT & INTERRUPT_HANDLER both creating problems for compilation.
    I read in some discussions for STM8(SDCC) that the IVT is implemented already.
    Now i am unable to figure out how to use the interrupt part for SDCC.
    Also i tried to use rim instruction in my program, and surprisingly the execution gets stuck there
    I used it as

    Were you able to use interrupts with SDCC. If yes please could you let me know how to use it

    Thanks in advance

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