#oggstreamer – pay-as-you-wish OpenHardware

If you want to obtain an OggStreamer – we can now provide 5 pcs. to interessted institutions or developers. Just write a small email to georg <at> otelo.or.at and explain what you want to do with the OggStreamer. All you have to pay for is shipping and make a donation of your choice for the “Open Technology Labratory Vöcklabruck” – If there is more demand than 5 pcs. we will choose from all applicants. Entries  are welcome till 15th of June. But later in Autumn we plan to provide more devices ….


UPDATE: 4 people showed interest in obtaining an OggStreamer till 21th June – In Autumn there will be another possibility for obtaining OggStreamers. Of course it will be announced on this blog.

One response to “#oggstreamer – pay-as-you-wish OpenHardware

  1. hi,

    i am from klagenfurt and do programmes for agora, also live. i would be bery much interested in one oggstreamer, as i have heard only the best about it.




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