#oggstreamer – Murphy’s Law

Sometimes things go wrong – nothing unusual about this – especially when it comes to electronics design …

Due to an old erroneous file that was stored on the CNC-Punching machine this project delayed slightly. In detail we have two holes not punched into the right place. You can see on the picture below. The right part is punched correctly.


Unfortunately the mechanic guy punched all of the 60 pcs. this way – so we produced a whole lot of scrap aluminum. Meanwhile we ordered replacement parts from Hammond – the Hammond people were really helpful and we could order exactly the part that was punched the wrong way, instead of ordering 60 complete (4pcs.) cases. But it delayed our project for about 8 weeks (5 weeks shipping replacement parts – and some time to produce the correct panels). I also screwed up in the past – so i was not really pissed on the mechanics guy. He was also very eager to correct this mistake so i am personally quite happy that we now produced all the needed parts 🙂 – Nevertheless I want to express myself and do at least something with the screwed up parts so I composed the following picture:



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