#oggstreamer – On the road to EMC Compliance

Yesterday and today we ran preliminare EMC Compliance Test, to check if we can “CE”-certify this device. In overall the tests look very promising. But we already noticed one flaw that needs to be resolved in order for us to CE-certify this device. The ESD (electro static discharge) Test triggers a System Reset and for CE-compliance the device must be able to restore its current (major) System State after a System Reset.In our case if we have an active stream running and the device is reseted – the stream has to be restored automatically after the reset. This issue can be resolved on the software side of the device, For example by using the internal EEPROM of the STM8S to store the System state – The EEPROM has typical write-lifetime of about 300.000 cycles and 1024bytes available – if we combine a number of bytes together with a smart algorithm it should be enough to assure millions of writecycles for the System State.

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