#oggstreamer – uC STM8 flasher, sighttpd MaxListeners

Lately there was not very much progress going on at this project. A couple of OggStreamers are out in the wild and doing their job.

On the Software-Side: I adjusted sighttpd – to add a MaxListeners-Feature. This allows to limit the number of clients – so that the Server rejects Clients instead of going into Denial of Service. You can find the patch in the repository. I hope that this patch once tested could find its way back into the sighttpd mainline.

Further I came across the great stm32flash application. This is a flasher application for the internal Bootloader for the STM32 series. I would need exactly that for the STM8 series. Fortunately those two series have a very similar bootloader protocol. I forked the stm32flash to work on a stm8flash application – but it is currently not working. It would be great for the future if the stm32flash and stm8flash application could merge together.

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