#oggstreamer – OggStreamer on Android

An idea that is quite a time in may head is the development of an OggStreamer Application on Android. As I am not familiar with Android Development I always found this a big obstacle – (considering time constraints)

But now it seems there could be a way to do this the easy way. What I am talking about is puredata together with the oggcast~ object. I latley learned about the two projects pd-on-android and PdDroidParty. If it would be possible to integrate the oggcast~ external on android aswell. It would be just a couple of hours till we would have an OggStreamer on Android running.

There would be some limitations – like Mono-Input for most of the Smartphone – but nevertheless this would be a great tool for doing Live-Interviews on the Road.

2 responses to “#oggstreamer – OggStreamer on Android

  1. Gabriel Lucas

    Hello Georg,

    I have been researching a bit this line, not developing much but around it.
    Take a look to the links below. I have tried them sligthly.


    Also I was involved in a project that was trying a bit of the same.


    • Hi Garbiel,

      thanks for the Links. I will try the Android_Ogg_Streamer.
      I also contacted Chris McCormick, the Author of pddroidparty – maybe he will work on compiling pdogg for Android.

      best wishes

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