#oggstreamer – 24h Streaming Test

Some days ago I installed the first OggStreamer at the Remotestudio of the FRS – “Free Radio Salzkammergut” – the regional Radio. And I put the OggStreamer to stream for 24 hours non-stop – and it worked without interruption. So I think  the next Live-Emission from the Remotestudio can be done using this Setup rather than the temporary Laptop-Setup they have used before.

Another OggStreamer shipped to Switzerland yesterday and it should arrive there early next week – I am quite curious how their reaction on this device will be.

The next OggStreamers from the first batch are already in the making –  the list of customers receiving a device form the first batch is already defined. Currently I am evaluating possibilities to start another production run of maybe around 30 Devices.  But before thinking that far – The device first has to pass the necessary EMC Compliance Tests …

Another issue what bothers me a little is the delivery time of XPortPro’s – I ordered 4 pcs. of them in the beginning of march and they are expected to be delivered in CW 21 – I am anyhow busy till CW 21 so nothing to worry about, but nevertheless it is quite a bit of time for such a small number.

By the way thanks to David Schleef for putting me on his website and on Planet GNOME – This blog received quite a number of hits via their websites.

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