#oggstreamer – 12 pcs. SMT soildered

Yippie – the kind and helpfull people at Abatec did the pick’n’place of 12 OggStreamer-Boards. The next step is the assembling the devices, the mechanical works are already on their way – so maybe next week their will be 12 fully assembled OggStreamer devices. I have to note that from this first batch only selected Beta-Testers will get a device.

The software still needs some improvement, currently I am facing problems running the icecast2 Server under uclinux. icecast2 consists of 4 threads and only 2 of them start when I start the program. It could be a out-of-memory issue, but some how I doubt that. It definitely needs some remote- or printf-debugging to get the program running – apart from that I am thinking of fine tuning the Input- and Output amplifiers. Maybe I will take away the output OPA, as the VS1063 already handles about the same current. The OPA was placed in the design, mainly for ESD-Protection, but I will experiment, whether the R-C combo is good enough.

If anybody of you is interested in the obtaining a Bare-PCB of the current Rev1.0b design, there are five pieces, which I would give away for a small project donation.

3 responses to “#oggstreamer – 12 pcs. SMT soildered

  1. Where from I can buy these boards with component installed

    • at the moment I cant offer boards with pre-soldered components – cause I got only 12 of them, which will go directly to (already defined) Beta-Testers.

      Next week, when I have time and I’ll check the functionality of the recently produced boards – I will publicise the GERBERs, and Pick’N’Place Data of the current revision. Please note that there is still some fine-tuning in the process and some values of Resistors and Capacitors might change …

  2. Could you send purchase (or donation) details

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