#oggstreamer – Amanda Wozinak: open-sourcing the engineering processs

Today i listened to a brilliant talk from Amanda Wozinak, which she held on the 28C3 congress. The slides can be downloaded here. I find it really inspiring to understand engeneering as a process and that documenting your stuff really pays off on the mid/long run.

w0z also laid out some initial questions, which should be asked when starting a development – well, the OggStreamer has already started but I am somehow in the mood to answer this questions now.

1. Why are we making this?

  • Admiration for the parts, especially the AudioDSP and the Lantronix XPortPro.
  • Scoring at the Lantronix XPortPro DesignContest (done 😉 )
  • Building something useful our local radiostation
  • Just fur Fun
  • Building something to present as a product made in the Open Technology Labratory

2. Who is this for?

  • mainly for Radio Stations

3. How will this be used?

  • Connecting remote studios to the main studio
  • Connecting Live Events to the main studio
  • Connecting the main studio to remote transmitters
  • Providing an gateway for Analog-Audio to the Internet (like http://locusonus.org/)

4. What features does it need to have (now)?

  • Converting and compressing analogue audio to ogg/vorbis
  • upstreaming the ogg/vorbis to an (external) IceCast2 Server
  • Feeding an internal Icecast2 Server (for a small number of listeners)
  • Adjustable Input Volume and VU Meter
  • monitoring the incoming signal with Headphones
  • configure quality and server settings via ssh
  • Firmware Update for XPortPro
  • internal web server with small streaming applet

5. What features does it need to have (later)?

  • Configuration Web Interface
  • Firmware update of STM8 Microcontroller
  • Talkback channel from Studio Operator
  • optional mp3 support and other streaming formats

6. What are the legacy requirements?

  • IceCast2 Support

7. Who’s going to build this?

  • PCB – WEdirekt
  • SMD assembly – abatec
  • THT soldering by hand
  • Lightguids – 3D printed from The Open Technology Labratory
  • mechanical works/Housing – from the professional school Attnang
  • final assembly @ The Open Technology Labratory

8. How many do we want to make?

  • 1 breadboard-Prototyp is already built
  • the next Prototype to test the PCBs is soldered and now tested
  • 12 pcs. will be manufactured – once the PCB-prototype is debugged and tested
  • if there is demand we will make another batch of around 10-30 pcs. this year

9. What is the budget?

  •  I personally invested a whole lot of time and around 2000 EUR in this project
  • This project heavily relies on friends that support me with various issues: like PCB design, mechanical works, EMI considerations, product design, Audio Design, …
  • with out the help of all this generous supporters it would take another 3000-4000 EUR to produce the first 12 devices.
  • If this project would be developed by an electronics solutions company I estimate that such a product would be in the range of 20000-40000 EUR

10. What is the timeline?

  • check timeline here – but as i found some bugs on the PCB and I want to invest more time into testing – I think this plan will delay for about a month.

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