#oggstreamer – Project Status 2011

Hi everybody – finally i found time to write some code for the Oggstreamer and i put to work some of the basic functions of the device. I started with the StatusLEDs and the VU-Meter …

There are some news: I switched to the IAR Workbench Kickstarter Version for STM8 because i like the Idea of having an all in on package for Firmware development – And especially when it comes to debugging i find this Software package quite comfortable. The preliminary Sourcecode for the STM8 Firmware got new git-repository, which can be found here. The Kickstarter Version is limited to 8 KB Codesize, which should not be a problem – i expect the firmware to be around 4KB big – the remaining 24KB of flash can be used to store patchfile updateimages for the VS1063

The first thing i implemented on the firmware are the routines for LED – Muxing. We are using one complete PORT (GPIOB) and some controll Lines on GPIOA to drive the LEDs. Timer4 is used to generate a 450 Hz Inerrupt and because we are Muxing 3 different LED-Rows (VU-LEFT, VU-RIGHT and STATUS) – each row gets updated at a 150 Hz Refresh rate. The CPU usage for the muxing is around 0,2 % which is little enough in my eyes.

I also tried to get the VS1063 running – but measuring the Crystal it showed that it is not oscillating  – I also remembered that i had some shorts on the supply lines, because at first try the VS1063 was not proper soldered – maybe I killed the VS1063 and i have to replace it now – but this issue definitely needs further investigation.

My best wishes to all of you for the new year. 🙂


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