Why I really like OpenHardware-Design

Yesterday I received two Emails which really encouraged me that doing a Design the OpenHardware-Way is a great thing to do.

The first one was a Mail from the Wyolum-Team – they just awarded Grants to the OpenHardware-Community. I was kind of sceptical if the OggStreamer could score in this setting, because there were really, really good projects on their List. I want to say that the Wyolum-Team are really sympathetic folks – they just decided to give out more grants than the originally intended ๐Ÿ˜‰ – Thank you very much. They are now supporting this Project with 250 USD. This means for this Project that we are able to give away another Device to an interested Developer.

The other Mail was from A1bert – who commented on the last Blog entry – that one should be aware to not over-design things. He pointed out that the VS1063 has a decent Power Supply Noise Rejection for its Analogaudio-Voltage. So an aditional LDO as a Filter might be to much of an effort.

I was very happy about his suggestion, because this is a valuable feedback for me – as I am kind of an Analogdesign newbie – these are just the informations we need to reflect on the work we are doing on the OggStreamer.

Thank You very much Wyolum-Team and a1bert – you made my day ๐Ÿ™‚

And there are more great news. My former employer Abatec also agreed to support this project by doing the pick’n’place for the first batch of devices. This is really great because, soldering the device by hand takes almost half a day.

6 responses to “Why I really like OpenHardware-Design

  1. Hello,

    We do tons of streaming at Medialab-Prado (http://www.medialab-prado.es) where I work. Normally we stream video using http://giss.tv network, but we are seeking for a way to stream just audio.

    I would like to test it, it is possible you could send us one?
    It would be used for every event we stream at our place and I could send you feedback about how is it working.

    • Hi Gabriel,

      i will do my best to spread the device. Please note that once the Hardware is finished there will be still a lot of improvement possibilities on the Software side. It make sense to my to provide the device to people who do testing and give feedback – but it would be even cooler, if those people also participate in the Software development.

      If everything works out as it should, there will be 12 devices by the End of February. Some of them are already reserved for people/Organizations and testing-purposes. No promises for now, but I will contact you once the devices are finished. (I like the idea of sending one to Spain though)

  2. Eyyy genial ๐Ÿ™‚
    Nice to hear it…

    I am going to send a mail to one of our lists in order to see if anyone around here would be interested in tweaking oggstreamer.
    How do you configure server data by the way?

    Do you know of any similar project around video?
    I asked Silvia Pfeifer (http://blog.gingertech.net/) and she told me about this, http://www3.elphel.com/linuxtag/talks_2005/paper-11081
    Iยดm also watching also Apertus project closely.

    I would like to do an open hardware/software streaming workflow.
    (for audio and video if possible).


    • the configuration of the Settings for Server, will be done by editing a config-textfile via ssh in the first version. Audio can be streamed to an external IceCast2 and/or to the internal IceCast2-Server (for a small number of listeners). There is already a web-server running on the XPortPro – which will be used to host a ffmp3-applet, to listen to the internal IceCast2 directly. It should be possible to enhance the device with an Web-Interface for configuration pretty straight forward – but for this task it would be great if somebody else could take care of it.

      BTW: There are cheap boxes who do audio/video streaming (mainly built for surveillance purposes) – i haven’t tested any of them – just look up “video webserver”

      the Link about the Hardware Theora Core – this is interesting indeed … i gonna check it out.

      best wishes

  3. We are looking forward to hearing about your progress! Keep it up.


    • Hi Justin,

      thanks – we already have an approximate date when we will have the first batch (12 devices) produced around CW 8-10. thanks again for your support. best wishes

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