Bringing into service – now the little error deamons find their way to the daylight

this weekend I started to solder the first pcb by hand – a moment of truth – here is a list of what happened:

  • LD1117 LDOs need 1V voltage difference in order to work proper – we need to replace our serial diode (D4) with a schottky type – or a 0 Ohm bridge
  • The the numbering of the LED-pcb-connector is the other way around – the connector has to be mounted upside-down and the cable is twisted now.
  • the DC Plug is connected the wrong way – some dremel  is needed to cut the traces on the PCB and it is wired by hand
  • A pull-up Resistor for the Reset-Line on STM8 is missing (10 kOhm)
  • A pull-down Resistor is needed for GPIO0 on the VS1063 (100 kOhm)
  • Not verified yet – but I think the Filters for the analog Voltage-Supply (OPA, Vdd_analog on VS1063) need a redesign as well.

Conclusion: In general the PCB would need a redesign! – For our first batch I will do the modifications by hand. The PCB needs a redesign!

Some good news: The LED Multiplexing circuit is working already.


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