PCBs arrived !!!

The PCBs from WEdirekt arrived today! *rataplan* And that’s what they look like:

Sounds like soldering-weekend. 😉


4 responses to “PCBs arrived !!!

  1. Hi….

    How can I find PCB (with component or withot component


    • Hi Ali,

      I just ordered the 2nd Batch of PCBs @ WEDirekt – and once the proven all right I will publish the Gerber-Files here on this Blog (timeframe about the next 2 weeks) – So it is possible to go with the Gerberfiles to any PCB manufacturer to get them produced. – For example it would be possible to send the Files to http://iteadstudio.com/ and put them into there OpenPCB Pool. As the Files are put under Creative Commons SA-BY 3.0 License – anybody can produce them at any PCB manufacturer.

      Btw. this Week the Pick’N’Place of the first batch of PCBs is happening and if everythings works out fine I will publish the verified Gerber-Files

  2. How did you like the WEDirekt quality? is it really made in germany and top quality or nothing special?

    • to be honest the OggStreamer was the first project I used WEDirekt. I asked them whether they would agree to sponsor the first prototypes and they did. In the meanwhile I made a number of other projects (2 and 4 Layer Boards) and I am very satisfied with the service they provide. I also appreciate their feedback which made it easier for me to skip some beginners pitfalls. That said I can answer your question that I think they do a very good job quality and service wise. To make the picture complete I want to say at this point that there are a number of other good to very good PCB-Houses as well.

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