(Local-) Community support for machining the housing

Yesterday I went to meet Johann, who jumped in to help in getting the mechanical work done for the OggStreamer-housing. He is a sympathic helpful guy, working as a school teacher in a mechanical Workshop and therefore has access to the needed tools. We first meet at the Open Technology Labratory, when I was organizing an Arduino-Workshop.

For my person i am not very fimilar with the possible processes of producing all those holes needed for the connectors, buttons, knobs, LEDs, etc… My first guess was Laser-Cutting (maybe because we are experimenting with 3D-Printers latley, and Laser-Cutting is also well discussed in this scene). I still don’t know if it is possible – but Alu, due to its matieral properities needs quite a high performance laser to do the cutting … But after the talk yesterday i noticed that there are other options too. Well, for the round holes drilling is the obvious way. But what to do with all those squares? I didn’t know till now but one way is CNC Punching. (Youtube Video).

Thank you Johann for supporting this Project.

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