New Supporter: WEdirekt

Today i am very happy to announce that WEdirekt is supporting this Project as well. WEdirekt is Würth Electronics PCB and Stencil Manufacturing-division. They agreed to sponsor this Project by producing the PCBs for the first Batch of devices, which is very kind of them. In past me and friends of mine already used their first-class PCB-Service for a number of projects. We used their service for example to manufacture 50 pcs. of Sanguinololus (thanks Joem, this way) and distributed them to a number of RepRap-builders all around. Back then we were very pleased with the quality of the PCBs and so WEdirekt was my first choice when looking for PCB manufacture for this Project. Luckily they agreed to support us 😉 Many thanks to the WEdirekt-Team.

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