Introducing the Tools: IDE for STM8

For this project we are using a STM8S Microcontroller from STMicroelectronics. To be honest using this Micro wasn’t selected through a carefull research, but rather through the fact that STMicroelectronics gave away free-Kits of this uC on a number of occasions. So i had those kits lying around at home. The STM8S is certainly a descent 8bit uC with reasonable pricing so i don’t regret this decision. But it has one big drawback in my eyes – for developing with this uC one has to use Windows Operating-system. Again on the other hand the development kit for this uC is dirt cheap and it provides an integrated incircuit debugger – which also has some limited possibilities for non-intrusive variable monitoring.

The IDE for developing this uC comes directly from STM – it is called: ST Visual develop IDE

The C-Compiler (freely available, limited to 32kB) comes from Raisonance

To monitor variables in Realtime – STM provides the STM Studio Tool

Under you can find valuable information about developing on the STM8 platform.




One response to “Introducing the Tools: IDE for STM8

  1. It is really hard to find communities working on STM8 and providing libraries, it is good to find this project.
    I used an STM8 blue pill board in an IoT Framework, RF dongle for raspberry pi and a wireless sensors node, all connected to MQTT and OpenHAB.
    All the HW and SW is of course open source :

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